Emona Telecoms Trainer 101

The Emona Telecoms-Trainer 101 (ETT101) is a single board trainer that makes teaching telecommunications much easier for professors in introductory university and technical college courses.

The ETT101 is unrivalled in offering a wide range of over 42 modern communications topics that can be studied with one compact trainer. The key to the ETT101's versatility is it's unique block diagram approach for building experiments. By working at the block diagram level, we are able to achieve many experiments in one system.

This dynamic visual approach helps students to see the relationship between modern telecoms methods and the math.

The 'hands-on' approach builds student confidence and makes the experiment satisfying as the students are free to explore and learn by making mistakes. When they explore more, they learn more.

The ETT-101 will build the student's confidence and appreciation for math & theory

What topics can I teach with the ETT-101?

  • Basic Analog Communications
    AM, FM, DSB, SSB, PAM, TDM, PWM, Superheterodyne, Speech in comms, PLL, QAM, SNR Concepts
  • Digital Communications
    PCM, PCM-TDM, ASK, BPSK, FSK, GFSK, Eye Patterns, DPSK, QPSK, Spread Spectrum, Line Coding, Delta Modulation, Noise Generation, SNR Concepts

All experiments are fully documented, with questions and answer sections fully integrated into the text. Now you have a turn-key solution to teaching your communications program, with the capacity for expansion into the future. Download and print a comprehensive 4 page info sheet about the Emona Telecoms-Trainer 101.

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